Cancellation Policy

3 possible cases of cancellation are possibled :


 - Cancellation by the traveler before the renting period beginning
 - Cancellation by the traveler after the renting period beginning

 - Cancellation by the owner



1 - Cancellation by the traveler before the renting period beginning :


Financial terms associated:
Refund to the traveler is based on the total amount of the booking excluding commission fees of el needO. So el needO customer care  service will deduct from the total amount the 5 % of commission fees. The refund will be done by bank transfer. The traveler should fill his bank account details on his dashboard.

The cancellation terms by the owner:

Any cancellation by the traveler must be done through the platform el needO. This option is available from the dashboard. No further action is necessary. When a cancellation is requested by the traveler, an email is automatically sent to both traveler and owner, recalling the financial conditions of the cancellation according to the cancellation policy chosen by the owner and accepted by the traveler when he has done the booking. All cancellation requests by the traveler done outside the platform el needO will not be processed.


2 - Cancellation by the traveler after the renting period beginning:


Cases of non-conformity of booked:
If the traveler has serious complaints at the time of recovering the property booked, he can immediately apply for a cancellation sending an email to our customer care service to the following address:
In case of a cancelation request for non-conformity of the goods, an investigation will be done by our services. In this case, the traveler must notify el needO customer care service within 24 hours after the start of the location. It is important to note that no refund request will be accepted beyond the period of 24 hours. The services el Needo will contact the owner to manage the case and will proceed to a full refund to the traveler, commission fee included,  after the investigation statement.


3 - Cancellation of the renting by the owner: 

It is not possible for the owner to proceed with a cancellation of the renting via the platform. Accepting the reservation, the owner is committed for rental. However in case of force majeure, the owner can inform us by email el needO can not be held responsible for the cancellation. However, in this case, the traveler will be refunded the full amount due under the rental, commission fee included, el needO customer care service will help customers find the same item subject to availability and similar item in the same conditions and promptly.